The Austrian company Ams AG is building in the US semiconductor factory

In recent years, news about the US construction of new plants for the production of semiconductors have become rare. Globalization has led to the fact that the production was transferred to the countries with cheaper labor and lower the tax burden on the manufacturer. This does not mean it will last forever. Geopolitical risks and care for their development of the country forced to recall the «import substitution». US in this regard is no exception. Sooner or later the production will return to this country, if not in full then at a higher level.

Recently, a new factory in the United States began to build the Austrian company Ams AG. Company Ams AG develops and manufactures a wide range of sensor applications. Today it is a very high demand products. Robots, autopilots, wearable electronics — all this and more requires the latest sensors, while home Ams AG factory orders is full and can not cope with this flow in the future. The new plant, which will become operational in the second half of 2018, will allow the manufacturer to fully meet the needs of its customers.

At the first stage the American Ams AG plant will annually produce 200 thousand. 200-mm wafers with chips. Subsequently, the power will be increased to 450 thousand plates per year. The first process technology that will be introduced at the plant will process technology with the norms of 180 nm with a view to further reducing the scale of technological norms of production. Ams AG plant will produce analog electronics, which includes sensors. It is also planned to use the silicon germanium process technology, not only CMOS.

The financial burden during the construction of the plant company Ams AG share with the investment group and local authorities. During this Ams AG will be 20 years to pay rent to the local authorities for the use of the enterprise. The financial side of the deal were not disclosed. Help from the government of New York State will be given within the framework of creation of new jobs. Ams AG plant, by the way, will be located in the same cluster technology as the existing plant GlobalFoundries Fab 8 companies. Also in this cluster consists of US educational institutions, engaged in development of production technology, in particular — University SUNY (State University of New York). Future graduates can definitely expect to work at home rather than abroad.