Our services:

  • Design and development of the electronic devices, equipment and systems;

We provide full range of services resulting in ready-to-use electronic device.

  • Development of the software for microcontrollers, PCs and mobile devices;

Depending on the task, one or more of the following tools is used: Visual Studio (C #), QT (C ++), Delphi for PCs. Keil, ImageCraft, AVR Studio is used for microcontrollers programming. Android Studio, Cordova for Android/iOS mobile devices

  • Development of technical and user documentation;

The scope of documentation includes technical requirements, terms of reference, technical specifications, device passport, user and operations guides.

  • Development of the test environment;

We create free of charge extensive testing environment for all electronic devices manufactured by us.

  • Selection and procurement of components;

We have wide network of suppliers and are able to pick components depending on specific operating conditions requirements, price and availability.

  • Mass production;

Circuit boards printing, components procurement, automated installation of SMD components, final assembly, configuration, testing and packaging.

  • Installation of the solutions;

We install and configure the devices at Customer’s site if required, conduct user and servicemen training.