Our experts engaged in the following projects

Vehicle equipment control systems

Integrated control system with support for LIN and CAN interfaces allow you to control any multimedia and climatic equipment, as well as the actuators via the factory remote controls, mobile devices and embedded personal computers;

Diagnostic equipment and CAN-control modules for cars and motorcycles

Control modules for stand diagnostic high-pressure fuel pump. Diagnostic modules, adjustment and control of car sensor parameters (Analog, Pulse, SENT). CAN gateway and CAN modules to control external devices, depending on the monitored parameters.

DC motors control blocks and three-phase brushless BLDC motors (three-phase motor valve)

Test and measurement devices

Pipe flaw detector, well water level control system, GGR , densitometr, multiport multifunction test module.

Interface converters

For rail transport CAN — ETHERNET, CAN — Modbus. For road transport CAN — LIN, CAN to USB \ Bluetooth \ Wi-Fi. For security systems Wiegand — RS485.

LED lamps and spotlights

Vending equipment

Modules for vending machines allow payment for goods using a mobile phone or website. At this point further developed functionality allows return delivery to the buyer.

Electric trains climate control systems

• Electric trains climate control systems;
• Subway climate control systems;
• Doors diagnostic blocks and long-distance trains voltage converters;
• Sanitary equipment control units;
• Refrigerated and heated container power supply and control system;

Satellite blocks monitoring with diagnostics capability, management and firmware of connected devices

Seismic exploration acoustic modems

Automation and visualization laboratory experiments in the MSTU. Bauman