LeSEE: autonomous electric car from China

The Chinese company LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, demonstrated their own vision of an all-electric autonomous car. The concept is called LeSEE. This four-door sedan with a fairly rapid design and a transparent roof, which forms a single overview space with windshield and rear glasses. The car have no side mirrors — they are replaced by cameras. Front and rear doors open in opposite directions.

At the disposal of the driver is the steering wheel, folding in automode, as well as a large touch screen that replaces the traditional controls. Rear passengers are also available screens with support for touch input. The technical details of the LeSEE developers don’t open. We only know that the car is capable of speeds up to 210 km/h. On the roof you will notice an additional module — apparently there are hidden sensors autopilot, in particular lidar.

It is also noted that the natural acoustic zone can be formed in the cabin for each passenger. Thus, for example, some passengers will be able to enjoy music, and others conduct a conversation without raising your voice. LeEco expects that in the future new electric vehicles will be able to compete with Tesla. However, while LeSEE this is just a concept.