Japanese railway cameras automatically spot drunk commuters to save lives

Japan Railways started the implementation of an automated system, which will help reduce the number of accidents involving persons in a state of intoxication.

The fact that the tragic incidents of drunk citizens, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the Japanese railway-routes (and in any other country). So, in 2013 in the Rising Sun Country recorded 221 cases of people hitting trains — both platforms, as well as directly on the tracks. And 60% of these accidents happened because of drunk people.

It is now reported network sources, the company JR West, managing a number of railway lines of Japan, the test complex video surveillance, capable of detecting drunken people in the crowd. The system analyzes the behavior of all citizens, identifying possible signs of intoxication: it can be a walk unsteadily, too long sitting on a bench in a fixed position, changes in coordination, etc… If the system detect potentially drunken man, the alarm will sound. Next to that person go station employee who, depending on the situation will be able to take the necessary security measures.