Development and manufacturing of custom electronic devices

Our company specializes in design and manufacturing of custom electronic devices, embedded systems, hardware and software systems for various purposes.

We started our operations at the very opening of our Design Bureau back in 2010. A team of professional programmers, circuit designers and installers gathered. All our employees graduated from the major Russian technical universities, with everyone having extensive prior experience in developing custom electronic devices. In 2012, we started our own production facility, including automatic installation and assembly of SMD components. A little later we partnered with a factory for industrial chassis manufacturing. Now, we offer a full scope of services — from design to mass production of electronic components and devices.

Over the years we have fulfilled several dozens various projects for customers from Russia and Europe. We have done manufacturing of production control units for tuning studio as well as technology development for the Estonian and German factories. These and other examples of our projects are located at «Our projects» section of our site.

We do all stages of product lifecycle from the developing technical specifications to the successful market launch to installations and training. We work closely with many suppliers of components, and in the case of supply shortage we can always quickly find alternatives or find another vendor.

Each project is carefully analyzed by our experts. We select best suited materials and electronic components, finalize project requirements and calculate length of project. In case of mass production plans we further optimize production costs and help to make market entry. The objectives, budget, deadlines and support terms can be individually agreed upon at each project stage. Extended support after project implementation is available.

We commit ourselves to be responsible for product quality and timely customer coordination at all stages of production. Thus we use  only best modern software and circuit solutions.