AMD put samples of the CPU on the basis of Zen micro-architecture in quarter

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. plans to deliver processor-based samples microarchitecture Zen number of customers in the current quarter. The company did not indicate affiliation devices, but the very announcement says that AMD has a CPU operating on the basis of micro-Zen.

«We are pleased with the progress Zen», — said Lisa Su (Lisa Su), CEO and president of AMD, during a conference call with investors and financial analysts. «Obviously, there are many engineering steps that are required to pass, but the key fact is that we will put product samples to our priority customers in the second quarter.» According to Ms. Su June 2015 the company had to obtain samples in autumn last year. AMD confirmed the presence of working processors based on microarchitecture Zen in October. In addition, in October, AMD and GlobalFoundries have uncovered the fact that these devices are manufactured according to the technology 14 LPP.

According to unofficial information disclosed by one of the Chinese sites in the middle of last year, CPU samples on the basis of micro-Zen in the status of enginering sample had to be made AMD customers in April this year. Lisa Su confirmed that deliveries to customers (indirectly confirming the presence of CPU operating on the basis of Zen in labs). The status of processors based on microarchitecture, the Zen, which were sent to AMD customers, went unanswered Friday.

«From the point of view of the markets to which we are going to address we believe that microarchitecture Zen will benefit servers» — said Ms. Su. «We will continue to work with OEM and ODM-makers to ensure that they are working motherboards for our products.» According to unofficial data, the first processors based on microarchitecture Zen have eight cores and dual-channel DDR4 memory controller. Server model may have a greater number of cores and the memory interface operation.