Development and production of custom
electronic devices

Design and manufacturing of electronic devices

Microcontrollers, PCs and mobile devices software development

Mass production

Introduction of developed solution

Why working with us?

  • Extensive experience of development and production
  • Full development cycle
  • Each step of manufacturing is carefully controlled
  • Latest technologies usage
  • Flexible ways of cooperation
  • Direct access to developers
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • High level expertise in solving complex engineering tasks

We have great experience in designing
and manufacturing a wide range
of electronic products

Vehicle equipment control systems

Diagnostic equipment and CAN-control modules for cars and motorcycles

Test and measurement devices

DC motors control blocks and three-phase brushless BLDC motors (three-phase motor valve)


LED lamps and spotlights

Vending equipment

Electric trains climate control systems

GPS tracking devices with extensive remote management capabilities

Medical equipment

We provide the following services

Design and development of the electronic devices, equipment and systems

We provide full range of services resulting in ready-to-use electronic device.

Development of the software for microcontrollers, PCs and mobile devices

Depending on the task, one or more of the following tools is used: Visual Studio (C #), QT (C ++), Delphi for PCs. Keil, ImageCraft, AVR Studio is used for microcontrollers programming. Android Studio, Cordova for Android/iOS mobile devices.

Development of technical and user documentation

The scope of documentation includes technical requirements, terms of reference, technical specifications, device passport, user and operations guides.

Development of the test environment

We create free of charge extensive testing environment for all electronic devices manufactured by us.

Selection and procurement of components

We have wide network of suppliers and are able to pick components depending on specific operating conditions requirements, price and availability.

Mass production

Circuit boards printing, components procurement, automated installation of SMD components, final assembly, configuration, testing and packaging.

Installation of the solutions

We install and configure the devices at Customer's site if required, conduct user and servicemen training.

System of discounts for customers

Discounts for the multiplicity of development


Discounts for volume production


Our development team and
production in Germany and Russia


Germany: +49(0)178 254 54 63
Russia: +7 (926) 989 03 43

Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 42k1